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This category is a container for all my stories except Seekers.

Short and epic stories.

Told with words, drawings, Sims screenshots and/or photos of dolls, miniatures and other things.

Photo funnies.

Short comics.

My specialty: Soap operas.

But no poetry. Gosh, I'm incapable of poetry.

Apologies, but many of these stories are not available in English. I cannot decently translate prose and I also frankly lack the time to try it for everything I do. I do my best with Dolltopia, the photo funnies and everything short or comic, but for the rest you're out of luck.
The website software wants me to display all items no matter the language, however, I still try to hide them from you for your convenience. (I know it's no fun to click on stuff and then not understand it.) Apologies for any oversights on my part.