ukraineMy thoughts and best wishes are with the people in Ukraine, especially with the team of Signum Games in Charkiw. Take care and hang on!

Also, my utmost respect goes to those Russians who dare go protest against the war on the streets. You are heroes, too. Thank you so much.


Since 1999 the doors to my dwarven den are open for everyone who's interested in my hoarded treasures. Inside, everything is about diverse hobbies all relating to collecting, creativity and (board)gaming for fantasy fans 15+.

ATTENTION: I'm finally back and the website will be heavily re-designed and modified. There are several mandatory software updates necessary to make this possible, so please don't mind downtimes, weird behaviour, dead links etc. Thanks!

On the one hand there's my comics and stories. Whether you prefer to read my manga Seekers that I work on since 2003, the twee Wacky Wingling sketches or rather the funny-dramatic photo stories with dolls as the lead characters - they're just waiting for you.

In addition there are galleries of everything that makes my heart beat faster. There is artwork of Seekers, including fabulous fanart! My other artwork is also presented and on top of that there are photos aplenty, of my doll collection as well as of crafts and handiwork and painted tin miniatures.

Since I'm not a dwarf of the greedy sort of course I like to share my humble wisdom with you, so you can also find tutorials, sewing patterns, reviews and tips aplenty.

Everything you find here is interwoven with other things. If you like, for instance, Seekers you can find one character or the other in the craft galleries too (or simply ogle at other fantasy figures) or meet Giselda and Nareen again in the doll photo comics. My crafts are often used in the photo comics too.



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