Dolls are one of my greatest passions, especially Korean fashion dolls named Pullip and Taeyang.

I also collect Monster High and several other series though and also present my smaller collections here, like the Living Dead Dolls and cherished friends from my childhood like My Little Pony. My dream of one day having a pair of bigger ball jointed dolls move in with my doll family is still alive too.

The main focus in this section is definitely the galleries. There are simple photos, complex landscaped photos with backgrounds full of detail, portraits of each and every character from the photo stories, customized and repainted dolls in selfmade outfits and things modelled by hand.

In my dedicated doll room dwell hundreds of dolls, so there's a lot to be seen and discovered. The themes of my dolls cover a broad variety of styles, from ninja and samurai to vampires and princesses. I'm especially fond of the gentlemen in my collection, the ratio between Taeyang and Isul on the one side and Pullip and Dal on the other is almost 50:50 and I like to sew for them too.

So in addition to galleries you'll also find sewing patterns for a variety of dolls here, crochet instructions, tutorials and tips for jewelery and other accessoires and there are my thoughts and tips about all kind of doll topics and information about how my 1:6 doll houses were made. So you can have a backstage look at all the sets from the photo stories too.