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There is no company named Ephralon Network and I'm not a company president, this is a privately-run hobby website, so stuff it with the advertizing offers, thanks.


Copyrights and Terms of Use


All comics and related galleries are exclusively available at www.ephralon.de. No use or reuse of my artwork or parts of my artwork is allowed unless you get my explicit written permission. Alterations are allowed if done as fanart (e.g. the lovely window colours that Ramandu made for me). Artwork, storyline and all designs for characters and places are copyrighted by me. You may not offer it on your website, on cd or any other medium, neither single pages nor as pdf files. In case of reviews or cases not settled here you can contact me to come to an agreement. Fanart is absolutely encouraged and of course you can use your own art on your website too. :)

Other content

All artwork, photos, stories, tutorials, downloads and other content not further identified was created by me. You may not use any of my work on your homepage, in a fanzine, in a game or with any other medium without my prior written consent. Altering my files to claim them as your own or making them into wallpapers etc is a crime.

Alle nicht näher gekennzeichneten Bilder, Zeichnungen, Anleitungen, Fotos, Geschichten und anderen Inhalte sind von mir. Es ist nicht erlaubt meine Werke auf deiner Homepage, in einem Fanzine, einem Spiel oder in einem beliebigen anderen Medium zu verwenden, ohne vorher meine schriftliche Erlaubnis einzuholen. Meine Werke zu verändern, um sie als deine auszugeben oder sie z.B. zu Wallpapers umzuändern, ist ebenfalls eine Verletzung meines Urheberrechts.
I reserve the right to demand license fees if you use my work without my consent.

In the case of foreign content like Sims meshes or fanart these are clearly labelled and have credit links (if there is something to link, that is). For these files I have explicit permission to use.

About the few fanarts I made: Of course I don't claim any rights on the characters depicted, but I still drew those pictures with my own skills and imagination, so I expect yout to respect my work and don't steal them from me.

Games are usually the property of someone else, often with graphics made by me. Please don't steal my graphics.

*Some* graphics from the gallery are free to use on your website, like my Terragen renderings. If this is the case it is clearly stated on the album, along with the rules. If in doubt, ask. I swear I don't bite.

You may use all downloads and files privately at home as long as you wish, of course. That's what I made them for.

No content of this homepage may be sold in any way. My KiSS dolls, artworkm tutorials or Sims downloads may not be sold, neither on E-Bay nor with any other medium. It is also not allowed to make money with my work. I don't mind if you sell the occasional leftover doll bonnet or something made from a tutorial that you have no more use for on Ebay but it's not okay to make a business out of my ideas or to try to reap money with Seekers merchandize.

 You cannot hold me responsible for any damage the use of this homepage or the downloads may cause to your system. If your browser crashes and you loose your half-written email or you overwrite a system file while saving a text (there's always someone who manages to do dumb things like that and then find someone to take it out on) that is your problem. Since I run Linux there are no virii on my system and thus the downloads are clean. If you get blind due to seeing naked breasts or a curseword that is your problem too, the warning is right on the splash page, after all. ; )

You may not link directly to my downloads or pictures to show them seamless in your site. (hotlinking / deeplinking). In case you don't know, that's theft. Of course you may link to specific pages if you want to show around your favourite drawing or the newest bedroom for Sims to your friends.