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Short and epic stories.

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Photo funnies.

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My specialty: Soap operas.

But no poetry. Gosh, I'm incapable of poetry.

Apologies, but many of these stories are not available in English. I cannot decently translate prose and I also frankly lack the time to try it for everything I do. I do my best with Dolltopia, the photo funnies and everything short or comic, but for the rest you're out of luck.




 Dolltopia - die Fotostory  Dolltopia Outtakes

Dolltopia - Old Archive

kachel dolltopia archiv

The cancelled first try to tell a photo story with dolls. Many main characters are Seekers, but I'm part of it as the dolls' boss and the dolls are aware to be just dolls.

The story began ~2011 when I had just started out with the doll hobby, so more than anything it illustrates how the collection and dollhouse grew and my first ventures into sewing and crafting for dolls. The project was cancelled when I lost location props due to a move and because there was finally enough material to tell a decent story.

Some parts of this story will be recyled in the current Dolltopia story, so read on your own risk!