This is the place to post general greetings, suggestions and thoughts about this website and to let me know if you stumbled over defect links or content. I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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#11 Eph 2017-02-27 19:45
Yeah, my father called me too because ebay blocked my url, as google listed me as unsafe. We changed nothing about the code in months. My husband just started to check the logs and files and if we can't find anything we're gonna ask google what the problem is.
Thanks for notifying me too, Chii!

EDIT: There is nothing wrong with the server. Nobody broke in, there is no malware. Norton, the biggest virus checker, says my site is safe. McAfee is unsure about "potentially unwanted programs" but says the files are safe. Google's help tool lists gallery pics and my index file as the problem! There is nothing bad inside. We wrote to Google to get a review by hand, so I hope this will be fixed soon before all my visitors are gone due to some bug in anti-virus software!
#12 Eph 2017-02-27 20:25
Google says we link to a bad website, but if we search google for that entry it's not on any part of my files. I never heard of that site, I 100% don't link them and I don't approve spam posts or comments with links. This is super weird.

There's 2 specialists working on the site now...

EDIT: Seems like what throws some virus scans off is some statistics snippet in the theme which tells the makers how many websites use their theme.
Hubby removed it, now waiting for Google. No idea how long it takes them to check me again.

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