Welcome to the new software version of my website...

Some will have noticed: It was only last weekend that we finally found the time to upgrade my Joomla to the newest version. It was a darn hard battle and I can't thank my dearest, sweet husband enough for sacrificing his whole Sunday for bughunting. Same on Monday evening.

Not everything works as intended yet and there are many new options we have to find and finetune to my liking (e.g. those additional menus which currently take up space everywhere), but overall I'm quite happy to be up to date again. Surely you will run into the occasional problem here and there, which is also due to me switching data around.
Over the next days/weeks some things will change about my category layout to make it easier to find things and prepare the website for the content I finally want to start publishing!

There is a new category named "Stories & Comics". This isn't really new, but it's a new starting point to collect all my stories, photo funnies and everything NON-Seekers I do. Dolltopia already moved there. The German version of my website now features a brandnew epic Sims4 soap opera, but that content will only be available in German. I'm sorry I don't have more content for my international pals lately, but I just can't translate prose. I really do my best with Dolltopia, but that story just has waaay to many words and translated with my skills it would just be bad and no fun for me.
While updating old data and moving things around I WILL try to translate some things I didn't come around to earlier, but it's a slow process.

Speaking of Dolltopia, that is NOT dead, on the contrary it will be continued soon. Seekers is still dead for the time being, since we still haven't found a house or apartment to buy and move to. Times are chaotic still, but don't give up on me, I don't either. ;)


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