Several years of searching finally came to an end, as we found a house to buy!

I'm sorry that the website has to go on hiatus now (especially since I didn't come around to revive the English version yet and there's so much stuff going on lately that would make for interesting tutorials and articles), but things are rolling now and that's a taaaaaad bit more important than this website.

We will sign the contract in a mere two weeks. Until then, we have appointments at the bank etc, and afterwards we'll be renovating and moving in the middle of winter. Furthermore, I have to go looking for a parttime job to help with our finances. After 15 years as a housewife that won't be easy for me, and the move will also be hart. When packing and carrying stuff you really notice that you're not 20 anymore...

So there won't be any new content for several months. (Something you English gals are used to, sadly). If I'll manage to squeeze in an update or two it will be for my Sims story, which is only available in German. This time I don't have any leisure time to create Dolltopia outtakes, we can't play board games to create reviews or game reports and of course I don't have time for creative stuff at all.

Once the house is set up and I got used to my new life this website will come to life again, though, since there were always plans in place for the time after we found a permanent home. But that's a story for another time. In the new house I will have a sewing/craft room, Dolltopia gets a larger domain and the board games will have their own room too. I will have a larger desk for my artwork. I'm looking forward to the new possibilities so much!

So please, keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and see you later!


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