Yesterday I removed the option to register new accounts for comments and the forum. Existing accounts can still log in, of course.

That shouldn't be a bother for anyone since nobody registered for years, and when I come around to finally update the website regularly again next year and to update the software I will re-activate the option. It's very sad that every single option for communication online gets dampened by spammers. By now the damn bots send me emails with viruses in DOC attachments after they try to register here by the dozens daily and get denied. I have too much work to do to spend half of my day deleting that junk from my website and inboxes.
In the unlikely case that someone wants an account in the meantime just email me and I'll create one.


What else is new? Not very much. Our house will have all windows and the front door replaced this year and we bulldoze and redo the whole front garden by hand before the winter comes. So we're just tired. Next year things will hopefully look up, there won't be that many renovations left then. My Joomly is also very outdated which makes especially the English translations very complicated right now, but my husband doesn't have the mental capacities left to take care of that right now.
So my updates are almost exclusively my German-only Sims soap opera.
Next year will be better. This house is slowly becoming a home, and we won't have to move again for a long, long time.

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