So, I'm finally back. Yes, I know, much later than expected, but I don't want to bore you with details. The house renovations, life, health, hardware and last but not least the pandemic just threw one curveball after the other. We're still far from done with renovations, but I can finally carve out some time for the website again.

Now I have to find my way around the new software, though, and generally take the content into this century. There's so much old and outdated stuff around here, e.g. the pictures in the galleries are much too small. Also the navigation has to change to make space for future projects.
Actually, I have neglected you English-spoken folks for MUCH too long, the German visitors got way more content and we were horrified when we noticed yesterday that the galleries were broken since the last Joomla update due to a clash between a safety feature of the gallery and the translation module - that update was almost a year ago! Dangblast, I won't even try to find an excuse for not noticing that earlier!
You guys were really left hanging by me and I hope I can make up for that a little bit rather sooner than later.

As a first step I will update ALL galleries. In this context they will all be bundled in the new menu item "Galleries". I will update one after the other, and whenever one is done it will be moved there from its old place, until all galleries are done. I will replace all photos with bigger versions and look for typos, but there will also be completely new content in ca. 70% of the galleries, so check into your fav themes.
The big exceptions are the miniature galleries, currently still found at "Miniatures and Boardgames". Those won't be reworked but made COMPLETELY new. Many photos in there are over 10 years old and not even available in higher resolution. Since Games Workshop is much more relaxed than some years ago we will also put up all of our GW miniatures again, and in general we have much new material to show you.

Since reworking the first 100 pictures already took me around 15 hours I don't get my hopes up to get anything else done this year. But I just have to undust everything first to feel comfortable again and find my way around on the website. Over the last few years I lost my fun working on the website almost completely, and I want to change that. Next year I'll take care of updating the texts and look of the homepage, and I will try to have new material too as often as possible.

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