I hope all of you had happy holidays, and that you're doing well in this new Corona peak!

Sadly polishing the website takes waaaay longer than planned. Taking photos and editing them always takes much longer than expected, and since I haven't seen anyone except my husband for two years now (ever since our old boardgame group broke apart) we try to play some boardgames now with a new group, and due to the pandemic it's all online, of course. It's been a heck of work for me to digitalize some of our games for online play. It's also been a ton of fun though and we can barely wait to finally be able to meet up in real life to play with real miniatures, so I'm not really feeling bad about the distraction. It was quite a boost for my mental health.

Apart from that there's also a lot of work piling on me, but I keep tinkering with the website. It's horrifying how much is broken - especially in the English version! Honestly, I have no idea why the gallery insists that every album only has one picture. There are way more! The counter works in German, but a lot of things got broken by the translation module. I hope to catch all the really awful problems, but the counter has to wait. If you ever come across broken pictures in the new galleries, please let me know. I do my best but there's always a chance one or two slip through.
Basically everything else is outdated and needs new info. But I'm making progress, and I stay positive. I'm very sure that there will be new updates in 2022. (In case you like miniatures there's actually already quite much new content in the galleries, and I also uploaded many photos of new crafts.)

Let's keep on trucking and hope that the pandemic will be broken soon. Have a happy new year, everyone!

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