Updating the website is still a very slow process. Roughly half of the gallery is done, a few bugs here and there have been found and fixed, but I wasn't able to work on updating the actual articles yet and I'm miles away from changing the skin. But Joomla does its best to hinder me. The translation module and the gallery destroyed many functions by updates and everything is way more complicated now. I would have switched to a different Content Management System, but they were all equally unsuitable back then and that won't have changed to the better.

Since I will have to delete the forum (since the update it doesn't work anymore and refuses to be fixed) and the accounts are handled by that module I keep account creation shut off for the time being. I wish people could comment on photos again, but I don't want to have everything broken yet again once the forum is gone and I also don't want to handle 100 spambots a day right now.

It's too bad it takes so long since there's so much new material I'm burning to share. So, keep calm and update pics is my motto. Until next time!

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