Mixing Pullip and Obitsu is probably the most-widely used method to build a hybrid doll. Since Pullips and Obitsu are easy to get in Europe (from Plastikpop) it's also a rather stress free method. But what works and what doesn't? I want to talk about that here and share my (certainly not complete!) experiences. This is only about compatibility between dolls of the Pullip family and Obitsu, though. If you want to know about the exact steps of customization please look into the tutorials.


Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

First, here's a comparison between the tallest Obitsu body for females (27cm) and Pullip bodies. The packaged body on the left is an Obitsu SBH with medium bust size, followed by one with large bust size and then a Pullip type3 and a Pullip type4. Type4 is the standard for Pullip for several years now, before that it was type3. Since Obitsu does take a 1:6 head into account when measuring body sizes the bodies are not actually 27cm tall (the same applies to the other sizes).

As you can see that makes 27cm the perfect choice for a Pullip if you want to keep her original height. The body is more grown up though with more prominent curves. If you go by bust size the medium Obitsu body is the most like Pullip but still a bit bustier. If you want to emphasise Pullip's teenager look you should rather use the small bust size. The original clothes of Pullip and Dal don't fit Obitsu, though, not even the shoes.  

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

The next photo shows the 23cm Obitsu SBH body in the middle. On the left is a Dal and on the right a Pullip type3. The Obitsu body is roughly half a centimetre taller at its shoulders and therefore well suited to customize Dal. For a Pullip it's way too small and not sturdy enough to carry the heavy head.

There are also 21cm female girl bodies which could be used to make Dal look younger. I don't own one but I think it's not that hard to imagine how small it would be with the 23cm as comparison.



 Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

The third photo: Here you see from left to right: an Obitsu SBH 23cm, a SBH 25cm and two SBH 27cm bodies. Except for the 23cm they are all finished customs with Pullip heads. Since the customs all wear magnet boots with flats I let the 23cm float on a doll stand for a similar height. No.2 (Nareen) has small boobs, No.3 (Sinistra) also has the small bust size but a taller body and No.4 (Eternia) has medium bust size and the darker "natural" skintone.

The 25cm body is a bit overstrained with the heavy Pullip head and it's eye mechanism, especially when you add such a long wig to the mix. With some tinkering it's do-able, though.


Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

But there aren't just female Obitsu bodies, there's also males! So here we go with three comparison pics for the guys.

On the left there's a comparison between a regular, white 27cm Obitsu guy and a slightly tanned Taeyang.

Those with an eye for detail certainly noticed right away that the Obitsu body has legs of uneven length. That's due to small rings that come with the doll and allow to make the legs longer twice - once at the ankle and once above the knee. That way the body can "grow" by ~7mm. The leg on the left is fully extended, the other one has its original length. So you can decide between "heroic" and "regular" height.

The regular height is identical with Taeyang. The Obitsu body is way slimmer though and makes Taeyang look younger. There are muscular Obitsu bodies but so far I don't have one in my collection. If I can buy one one day I'll add a photo. Obitsu can wear some clothes from Taeyang, but not the shoes.

The Obitsu body is better posable than the Taeyang body, except for the neck which is stiff. This hard neck is also a problem since it doesn't end flatly but has a noticable curve towards the chest. This has to be filed flat to put the Taeyang head on smoothly.

The next example is an Obitsu boy body and Isul. The boy bodies are available in 21 and 23cm, but not from Plastikpop. I imported mine from  Mimiwoo. The photo shows the white 23cm body side by side with a snowwhite Isul. As you can see the body is sadly way smaller and slimmer and is not suitable to customize an Isul.

So on the thired photo I combined the regular male body with an Isul head. To me, this look needs getting used to, but I think one day I'll build such a doll. If you use Taeyang as an adult this is a good method to make Isul a bit older, e.g. university or high school student. The Obitsu body is much better than the original Isul body in all aspects, especially since the Obitsu men and boy bodies also come with various hands to choose from. You will have to flatten the neck for this too, though.

Neither the female 21cm body nor the 21cm boy equivalent are suitable to customize Pullip or Isul, maybe Dal if you like the very young look. Perhaps I will buy them one day for my own sculpted heads, then I can add a photo for completeness, but I see no way to use them if you're a customizer of Pullip and family. Perhaps with the head of a Mini Pullip (I also saw one of those on a 25cm body once and it looked very pretty!) to create a very young girl.



Now that we talked about sizes and proportions I want to say something about skintone too. Usually Obitsu is available in two skintones - "white" and "natural" (light skintone). Pullip, Taeyang etc come in hundreds of (mostly light) shades, though. If you want to modify an original Pullip you can only hope for the best that it fits one of those two skintones (your best bet is usually the white one) and maybe customize the body a bit so it matches better, but there is no one-size-fits-all. So I want to limit this to the Make It Own sets with blank dolls. There are five colours for Pullip and all other doll types only come in one (natural).


Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid

The first photo shows a "natural" Make It Own head on a "white" Obitsu body. The colours match very well and can be used without further modding. There is a very light difference in colour but you find that with Pullips who have their original body all the time too, and since this Obitsu body has the soft torso the difference in material is enough to create a minimal disparity in colour.
Since the Make It Own sets for Dal, Isul and Taeyang are only available in "natural" they all fit their white Obitsu bodies as well.

In my opinion, the "fair" skintone of Pullip Make It Own also fits this body quite well without further work - but to be honest I see almost no difference between Make It Own sets in "natural" and "fair" anyway! I didn't take a photo of this.

The second photo shows the "tanned" Make It Own head with the "natural" Obitsu body. Depending on the light source (artificial or sunlight) the body is sometimes a little bit too pink, but overall they match quite well. That is Pullip Eternia on the photo for whom the body was a bit too pink too. But there are methods to change the colour of Obitsu bodies slightly. I did that for Eternia later (months after taking this photo) with just her neck and now she looks swell. So you can make the body match the head even better with a little bit of work, but if you don't mind the small disparity it can be used as is.

The third photo shows the "tanned" Make It Own head on the "white" Obitsu", mostly because the second photo turned out so bright and I wanted to show that there's a noticable difference between "natural" and "tanned".

Currently there are no Obitsu bodies that match the Make It Own sets in "white" (snowwhite resp. vampire) and "mocha".



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