This is where the photo comics with dolls and figurines are.

The main series is a soap opera named Dolltopia. From time to time there might be additional spinoffs or short series too though.

As expected for a soap opera, Dolltopia has to offer all the slapstick, humour, romance, intrigue, kitsch and drama you can imagine. Since I'm devoted to fantasy and my dolls like to show it, in Dolltopia ninjas, knights, sorcerors, rock bands and school girls all meet each other - sometimes at the local fast food store, since the world of Dolltopia has modern places too besides all the fairytales! Imagine a place where characters and places from all over the universe are thrown together and the inhabitants try to make the best of it.

For starters, the main characters are the elementalist Sinistra and the model (really?) Eternia who share an appartment due to both being short on funds. One after another they meet new and old friends and foes and even Nareen and other Seekers will make a comeback as guest stars every now and then. For a quick overview new cast always gets a biography in the library.


Furthermore you can find the Dolltopia Archive here.
This is my cancelled first try on a photo story. Thus, that story is NOT complete and parts of it will merciless be recycled in the new version. So read it on your own risk! In this Version Eternia and Nareen Demetri (from Seekers) were the main characters, together with Giselda (also from Seekers).
The story was cancelled because after a move everything from the camera to the lighting changed rigorously and it was impossible to make new story parts match. Apart from that this story was only meant to show my progress in building a dollhouse in a funny way and it started when I only owned two dolls. Thus it's very unprofessionell from start to finish, full of blurry pics and written without a plan. It is funny to read but these days I want to tell the stories of all these people in a better way. I also wanted to replace Nareen as a main character since her story is written in Seekers and the character in the Dolltopia story was never true to her.